Field Tools is an efficient, easy to use depth of field calculator for photographers working in the field. Using just a few touches, you can quickly calculate hyperfocal, near focus and far focus distances, all from a single screen. App settings are also a single touch away. Features include:

  • Large, easy to read result display
  • Switch distance type - hyperfocal, near limit, far limit and combined near/far limits - with a single touch
  • Sliders for adjusting focal length, aperture and focus distance
  • Configure multiple cameras and lenses and switch between them with just a few touches
  • Results in meters, centimeters, or feet

Near and far distance display

What's New in Version 2.3

This updates includes a number of enhancements that make setting subject distance easier and more precise.

  • Use selectable subject distance ranges for more precise settings.
  • New distance units: centimetres with tenths (i.e. millimetres).
  • Added tips for using the variable scrubbing speed sliders that were added in version 2.2.
  • Improved calculations


Downloads are available from the Apple App Store.

More Information

Wikipedia has several good articles on the theory of depth of field generally, and hyperfocal distance specifically.

For more information about the Field Tools project, or if you have questions, comments or bug reports, visit us on SourceForge. Source code is available on SourceForge and GitHub.